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Recent Developments Making Real Estate Investment Ventures Far More Accessible

Venture capitalism has long been the sole province of the wealthy and those who have attained the degrees and certifications necessary to enter the world of finance on a large scale. These factors contributed to making it very difficult for the average investor to consider their options regarding a host of real estate opportunities, particularly those involving an investment in commercial real estate. With the implementation of the JOBS Act, however, that has changed in a significant way, and investing in commercial real estate is no longer a means through which the wealthy are able to use their financial might to accrue even more wealth.

While there are a number of companies now making these investment opportunities available to those who were previously left without much access, Tim DeCapua has noted that Fundrise appears to be quite well positioned due to its reputation for helping connect investors — particularly those who are accredited investors — with real estate projects in the commercial sector. The implementation of the JOBS Act has allowed Fundrise to expand quite a bit without having to alter the manner in which it does business, as it now provides access to diverse real estate portfolios through its newly developed real estate investment trust.

This development is an important moment in the world of finance and real estate investing, as greater access through a system that looks quite similar to crowdfunding ought to stimulate consistent growth in the commercial sector of real estate while also providing a significant return on investment for those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to enter the market. With positive outcomes apparent on all sides, it appears the JOBS Act has functioned as intended and has enabled the widespread expansion of a popular investment vehicle.