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BoldLeads on Real Estate Investing and Generating Additional Income for Retirement

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There has been a lot of talk recently about how many investors are eschewing some of the more traditional investment strategies in favor of a focus on private equity. While the traditional approach to long-term investing once followed the 60/40 model in which equity made up the larger portion while bonds and cash made up the lesser portion, there seems to be a shift in which investors are placing 80 percent or more in equities due to the current low-interest market environment.

BoldLeads has always been a company focused on efficiency, and there are many investors who believe that the 80 percent model is not necessarily ideal for all investors. There is a fairly large segment of the population that can still benefit from an investment focus that includes real estate, particularly for those who are looking to create additional sources of income as their retirement years approach.

As a means to achieve diversification in an investment portfolio, a real estate property investment is an excellent choice due to the fact that there is not much correlation between the viability and value of real estate and the fluctuations bound to occur in the stock market. As agents working with clients secured through BoldLeads often point out, investing in real estate as a potential source of retirement income requires much more effort than some of the more traditional types of investment. It is therefore up to each individual homebuyer to ensure they understand their responsibilities if they intend to make an investment in a rental property.

Money…What Money?

The money for real estate can be difficult to come buy. untitled (185) images (4) Finding an investor can be impossible if you don’t have a proven record of good deals to point to.  If you are just getting started you may have to get a second on your home to start the real estate investment.  Now if you put it all on the line you better make that investment turn a profit or you will be in deep trouble.  One should be aware when it comes to real estate that deals that are too good to be true should be looked at with skepticism.  Dove Press posts deals that should give you a good start.

Investor Help

If you are short on real estate investing funds an investor may be the way to go. untitled (49) images (3) If the investor lends you the money and assumes some of the risk the deal should be complete on the sale of the real estate.  The profit will be split proportionally  and hopefully we are in the black at the end.  If you are a frugal investor then you will want to be cautious in you dealing.  Don’t give up more than you can afford to lose. Terry Simpson MD is an investor and like to be involved in safe bets.  The best way is always hard to find.

Influx of Wealthy Real Estate Investors Benefits Market From Top to Bottom

However unlikely it may seem, the sale of a seven- or eight-figure real estate property has a positive effect on the value of all properties in the area, including those that have been appraised at values in the five- or six-figure range. While most homeowners whose home is valued at around $100,000 may not believe that the sale of an upscale home across town for $1 million will have any bearing on the price their home ultimately commands, the truth is that a big sale is good for everyone.

A number of recent studies have indicated that the value of real estate grew consistently throughout areas in which a multi-million dollar home had recently been sold. The mere presence of a multi-million dollar home can transform the entire real estate market in the area, in much the same way that All Language Alliance, Inc., can transform any foreign language document through its translation services.

So the next time you see that massive home with the big price tag in excess of seven figures, do not get jealous at the profit the seller stands to make. You should instead be thrilled that the property you own will see its value rise due to the big sale.