Lee Trotman

Lee Trotman is a veteran marketing executive and consultant with specific expertise in digital marketing and e-commerce. Drawing on several decades of industry experience, Mr. Trotman has assisted countless companies in need of improved marketing strategies to generate increasingly positive outcomes. Currently serving as the director of digital marketing and e-commerce for Natrol, Inc., Mr. Trotman is responsible for enhancing countless aspects of the company’s marketing strategies to such a degree that his efforts can be directly tied to improvements in the company’s sales and overall profitability.

Mr. Trotman’s exceptional achievement with Natrol, Inc., should come as no surprise to industry observers. For over 20 years, Mr. Trotman has applied his impressive marketing skillset to achieve similarly exceptional results for a host of other companies, consistently using individualized strategies to optimize the effectiveness of a specific marketing campaign. The ability possessed by Mr. Trotman as it relates to designing and implementing a unique marketing campaign strategy has drawn praise from those for whom he has worked as well as from other professionals within the industry. As a result, Mr. Trotman carries an overwhelmingly positive professional reputation and finds his services in frequent demand.

His current work with Natrol, Inc., a nutritional supplements company, has only served to further solidify his professional reputation within the industry. In a relatively brief period of time, Mr. Trotman has deployed digital marketing strategies to great success for the company, and he has also established e-commerce platforms that have generated similarly successful outcomes. Mr. Trotman can claim responsibility for the generation of $20 million in web sales driven by a monthly campaign utilizing Amazon Media Group, and his efforts in converting the company’s e-commerce platform have resulted in monthly sales increases nearing 20 percent.

Prior to his work with Natrol, Inc. (formerly Natrol LLC) Trotman was employed in various management positions with energy company Southern California Edison. While at SCE, Trotman consistently surpassed industry expectations and exceeded objectives. Southern California Edison increased it’s web and digital strategies under the leadership of Lee Trotman.

Of course, Mr. Trotman is much more than just an executive with an extensive history of exceptional professional achievements. The longtime marketing executive is also extremely active when it comes to charitable causes and volunteer opportunities. He has volunteered a great deal of his time and energy in support of a number of worthy causes, including veteran’s rights, animal rights and poverty alleviation. In support of these causes, Mr. Trotman has been actively involved with the Los Angeles Food Bank, PETA, the ASPCA and the Vietnam Veterans of America, along with many other organizations.

Mr. Trotman, a graduate of California State University – Los Angeles, has enjoyed a lengthy professional career in which he has established himself as a consistently successful digital marketing executive whose reputation is well known throughout the industry. His personal life has been marked by a devotion to helping others through volunteer work and charitable donations, a reflection of his willingness to tirelessly endeavor to achieve a positive outcome.

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