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A Breakdown of the Upstart Cost of Becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor

Robert Tweed

Real estate can be a truly lucrative and beneficial investment. It has the ability to produce monthly cash flow while increasing in value. Your tenants can meanwhile fund your mortgage reduction efforts for further equity accumulation. These financial benefits are combined with the tax benefits and the ability to leverage your purchase with financing. The reality is that you will be hard-pressed to find another investment vehicle that is as beneficial as real estate is. However, while you can leverage most of your purchase with a mortgage, you will still need a substantial amount of capital to make the investment. These are the upstart costs associated with investing in real estate for the first time.

Educational Expenses

Real estate investing is not something that you want to venture into without some background knowledge. You must have a clear understanding of selecting the right property, setting up financing that generates positive cash flow, taxation implications, tenant and management issues and more. You can glean some information by reading several reputable real estates investing books. However, you may also benefit by taking formal classes on the top of real estate, finance and more. Robert Tweed offers scholarships for some finance-related courses. The cost of the books and classes should be taken into account as you begin examining the total upstart cost for your future investment activities. Remember that you also may need to factor in the time necessary to improve your knowledge base.

A Down Payment

After you have enhanced your education in the area of real estate investing, you can begin searching for an excellent property to purchase. Hiring a real estate agent is a smart idea, and thankfully, the services of a real estate agent are typically paid for by the seller rather than by the buyer. Real estate investment loan programs through Robert Tweed and other sources have varying down payment requirements. For example, if you are buying a single-family home as an investment, you may qualify for a loan of 75 to 80 percent loan-to-value in many cases. Some residential investor loans have an even higher loan-to-value. Investing in a commercial retail strip center, however, may require you to put as much as 25 to 30 percent down. The sales price and available financing for the property type that you are looking at will affect your down payment amount. Your financing options may also be limited by your credit score, net worth and various other factors.

Closing Costs

In addition to having enough capital available to pay the down payment on your real estate investment purchase, you also must pay the closing costs. A general rule is to estimate between three and four percent of the sales price as closing costs. The seller may concede to paying some of your closing costs, but you need to ensure that this is permissible by your lender. The closing costs include title insurance, legal fees, prepaid taxes and insurance, an appraisal, a property inspection and more. Remember that many lenders require you to have at least three to six months of mortgage payments available in liquid cash after the down payment and closing costs are taken into account. Therefore, this lender-required reserve should also be included in your financial calculations. Your loan request may not be approved if this financial requirement is not met and properly documented.

A Reserve Fund

While the lender typically requires you to document the availability of reserve funds after closing costs and the down payment are taken into account, it is important to consider how much money you prefer to have in a reserve fund. Remember that vacancies can result in lost revenue as well as in repair and upgrading costs. Vacant units typically mean that the property is operating at a loss until the unit is leased. You must have enough cash on hand to pay for the mortgage, repairs and operating expenses during vacancy periods. The property also may need more significant repairs over the years, such as an HVAC or roof replacement. In some cases, you may need to pay the insurance deductible when filing a claim. As you can see, it is necessary to have a healthy reserve fund if you want to keep your property well-maintained and to avoid financial stress in the process. Some investors find that their comfort level with regards to a reserve fund is substantially higher than the lender required reserve amount.

For many first-time real estate investors, it makes sense to learn as much as possible before buying your first property. However, there are many things that you will learn from personal experiences. The more expensive the property is, the greater the risk in some cases. Therefore, it may be wise to start with a smaller investment property. It may also be helpful to use the services of a real estate agent who is experienced helping investors locate quality properties.

The 3 Most Important Money Lessons To Teach Your Kids

Nationwide Debt Direct

I will always remember a specific moment from my childhood. My uncle was driving me to his and my aunt’s house, and as we got back into the car after stopping for lunch we saw someone in the restaurant parking lot light up a cigarette. My uncle paused before starting the car, and took a moment to look at me. “Smoking is a very bad habit for you. It’s not good for your health. You know that, right?” he said. The way he conveyed this message was so intentional that I felt honored that he had taken the time to speak it to me. Children learn by example, but we can not dismiss the importance of the lessons that we speak aloud. Taking the time out of your busy schedule, even if just for a moment, can mean so much to a child. When it comes to finances, you can change a child’s life by taking the time to teach them these three important money lessons.

1. Money Is A Tool

Money is a resource that can help us do the things we want to do. Tools are neutral; they are neither good, nor bad. A hammer can be used to build a house, or to tear down a house. In the same way, money can be a tool used to build a life of love and laugher, or it can be used to produce stress and discomfort. Training a child to see money in a neutral light can help him or her move forward with a postitive relationship to finances.

2. Compounding Interest Adds Up Quickly

Once a child is old enough to appreciate the value of a dollar, it is important to show them examples of compounding interest. If a child grows up thinking that money always multiplies in a linear fashion, they will never understand that exponential growth is possible. A great way to teach this lesson to your child is to help them invest a small amount of money. They will see it grow as the interest in turn collects more interest. Also, be sure to run through some investment simulations that show the impact of compounding interest over a span of several decades. This will help your child start to invest at a young age, which can have a significant impact on retirement funds.

3. Money Is Like Manure: It Helps Things Grow

When a child understands that money is a tool, they can also understand the importance of giving. Teach your child that money is not to be hoarded and stressed over, but rather shared with others in need. A concept such as tithing can be a great example of this. Helping your child donate some of their earnings at a young age can introduce them to the powerful and joyful feeling of giving the gift of money.

Your child is learning from you by watching the way you spend and interact with your money. Your facial expressions, off-the-cuff comments, and tone of voice regarding money will make a big impact on them. Make an even stronger impression by taking time out to speak your message to your child. This will most definitely be noted in their minds as a significant and memorable event, as it was for me.

If you want to share these positive messages with your child, but feel like your own finances are not in the shape that you would like for them to be before teaching someone else, you can start to improve your own situation. Reach out to experts such as those at Nationwide Debt Direct, and pick up books that will help you understand your finances. A great resource for learning about compounding interest is Tony Robbin’s book, “Money: Master the Game.” Helping yourself grow and learn will in turn help your child, as you become better able to transfer valuable money lessons.

Luke Weil Discusses Role of Foreign Investors in United States Real Estate Market


luke weil real estate marketDespite the widespread reports of a downturn affecting the Chinese economy, investors from China are continuing to invest in the United States commercial real estate market at a rate that vastly exceeds that of any other country. In fact, Chinese investors allocated more than twice the total investment dollars of the second-highest country, Canada, through the purchase of 47 properties valued at $9.3 billion.

Luke Weil, an experienced investor familiar with foreign investment strategies relating to real estate, would likely suggest that the massive surge in commercial property investment from Chinese investors is likely a product of the economic instability rather than an anomalous figure occurring in spite of the instability. It is entirely possible that these Chinese investors see real estate investment properties in the United States as a safer way to protect their accumulated wealth rather than allowing it to be subjected to a potentially volatile economic climate in China.

Perhaps what is most surprising in the surge of foreign investors snapping up properties is the fact that the commercial real estate market is not viewed as being a particularly strong investment at the moment. Many observers and analysts believe the commercial market’s sustained growth in recent years is due to level off quite substantially and may even be prone to a significant decline in value in the near future. It is not necessarily clear, however, what kind of practical implications that fact may have on the way Chinese investors perceive the health of their own economy.

Building a Home in Toledo Ohio

While buying a home is a great goal to have, the ability to build a home is something much greater. For one thing, if you can build a home, you can put it together the way you want as long as it is within the boundaries of the property you have paid for. One great place to build a home is in Toledo Ohio. There are custom home building companies that are willing to help you build your home. One custom home builder is Ralph Slaske. He is a member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Toledo and the National Association of Homebuilders.

One of the reasons to build a home in Toledo, Ohio is because of the climate. The climate is very humid. There is also a lot of variation in temperature for each season. One interesting aspect of the summers in Toledo, Ohio is that the Spring and Summer months are wetter compared to the fall and winter months. This interesting client is what makes Toledo a great place to build a home. You get to enjoy the unique climate of Toledo Ohio while you get to stay in a home that has been built and customized to your liking.

Money Comes To Karl Jobst

Money comes and money goes in a cycle that seems to follow it’s own laws of motion as it flows from the business to the bank to the person and back again. Successful people like Karl Jobst have caught on to this way money works and as you can probably tell from this most recent interview with Karl Jobst, money is the last thing he seems to be concerned with.

Karl is more focused on building his team through his hiring process and servicing his clients. This is because he knows that if he does these things, money will come to him so there is no need to chase it.

Money…What Money?

The money for real estate can be difficult to come buy. untitled (185) images (4) Finding an investor can be impossible if you don’t have a proven record of good deals to point to.  If you are just getting started you may have to get a second on your home to start the real estate investment.  Now if you put it all on the line you better make that investment turn a profit or you will be in deep trouble.  One should be aware when it comes to real estate that deals that are too good to be true should be looked at with skepticism.  Dove Press posts deals that should give you a good start.

Money Talks

In the real estate sales business money talks.  If you have an all cash offer you can call the shots.  Short escrow or lower price is your option. untitled (65) untitled (64) The all cash deal can put you ahead of other buyers as they have the chance of failing to get the loan.  The house may not appraise for enough to get the bank to loan on it.  All cash takes all those variables out of the deal.  Sellers will always jump on the all cash offer to just eliminate the potential delays.  Luigi Wewege  has the funds to call his own shots.

Investor Help

If you are short on real estate investing funds an investor may be the way to go. untitled (49) images (3) If the investor lends you the money and assumes some of the risk the deal should be complete on the sale of the real estate.  The profit will be split proportionally  and hopefully we are in the black at the end.  If you are a frugal investor then you will want to be cautious in you dealing.  Don’t give up more than you can afford to lose. Terry Simpson MD is an investor and like to be involved in safe bets.  The best way is always hard to find.

Cheap Real Estate

imagesDPD5I7OR imagesQ38ERR6V images5ENXDBE1Cheap Real Estate can be had in Texas.  Just watch the fixer shows and you will see that an nice ranch home can be had for 200K.  You cant buy an garage for that in Los Angeles.  I don’t get it.  I would rather live in a home I could afford.  This is why people are leaving the highest taxed state, California, for one of the best tax environments in Texas.  businesses need to consider Texas as it the fiscal responsible thing to do.  If you are starving in California then consider moving to Texas.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football would move to Texas if they could.

Real Estate Money Pit

images (5) untitled (30)How can you know when the latest real estate investment is a money pit?  Well that is a good question.  If you find that you have spent more than the value of the home you are in trouble.  It will be time for damage control.  Do you bale out or ride it out?  Riding it out is the usual choice as it is not in our nature to quit.  If you can get out and stop the bleeding then that may be the best choice.  The costs associated with the home can ecolate and you can soon be looking at a huge loss.  You may be stuck with this Home For Life if you dont act.